Who We Are

Energy data specialists.

Led by experienced executive management, the Calico team brings together energy data specialists, industry experts, program managers and strategic investors to deliver exceptional solutions and services. For Calico and our customers, every hire and each new customer project is an opportunity. Our people, and the vital work they do, drive the new initiatives and simplify the complicated processes that are redefining what it means to measure and manage energy.


Our Mission

To organize and unlock the world’s energy-related data.

Smarter energy management decisions begin and end with data quality. To drive optimal usage and realize financial savings, you need the full picture – from sub-meter to tenant utility bill to whole building. Calico works to empower customers with the information they’ve been unable to harness, helping to pinpoint areas for improvement and ease the resource strains of compliance. We’re looking to solve problems, do good and bring clarity to energy measurement and management.


Our Vision

To empower smart decision making at the intersection of real estate and energy management.

As the grid modernizes and renewable generation capabilities come online, utilities and building owners will need actionable, data-driven intelligence more than ever. Calico is here to bridge the gap between your organization’s current business needs and the realities of a changing world, where smarter energy management decisions, based on reliable, organized data, will make all the difference.


Working With Us

We’re always looking for great talent and strategic partners and investors who believe in our mission, see the value in our products and services and want to help push the envelope on energy data innovation. Whether you think Calico can help you right now, build value for your business moving forward or you want to join a team of dedicated, mission-driven professionals, we’d love to talk. Contact us today to learn more about a working relationship with Calico.