Unlock Your Energy Data’s Potential

With energy data IT solutions and services

Commercial stakeholders, from building owners to property managers and operators, juggle complex considerations when it comes to overseeing their investments. You want to watch the bottom line, making sure money is where it needs to be and that energy usage is smart and efficient. But you also need to comply with new energy data reporting and performance regulations. This is complicated by a chronic lack of visibility and quality when it comes to the actual information around your building energy data and usage. Without energy data IT services and solutions, you might be in the dark. 

The data might be trapped in utility systems, in bills belonging to your tenants or it might just be incomplete and flawed. Whatever the case, you need it to make smart management decisions and invest in your energy data IT to comply with new legislation and increasing regulation.

And more, you need good data, over time, to keep up – with developing standards in energy management, with advancing technologies, with a quickly innovating space. You need to be ready for a new era in whole building analysis, where energy performance directly impacts value.

Calico Energy’s solutions help customers meet the requirements of now, while also building potential for the future, when actionable energy insights and predictive analysis will make all the difference. Our services help you untangle the complexities of data acquisition and management, bringing trusted data curation and expert technical consultation every step of the way.


We believe commercial data management should be simple. For more information about how Calico’s solutions can address your business needs, contact us today.