Calico Energy’s Data Compliance Hub for Commercial Customers

As of 2017, 24 cities across the United States have
adopted public, commercial and multi-family, building benchmarking policies, or some variation thereof.[1] But it’s not just happening at the city level. States are also paving the way for new benchmarking policies, pushing the envelope on scale and potential impact. Benchmarking compliance support is needed, now more than ever.

Building owners and operators are being forced to capture energy usage data and comply with reporting requirements, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. In today’s sometimes unpredictable market, the resource drain from these converging factors can be significant.

Put simply, commercial owners and operators need a low-cost option for their energy data consolidation and benchmarking ordinance compliance. That’s what Calico provides.

Our Data Compliance Hub gives commercial customers the tools they need to organize their property information and energy usage data in one, easy-to-use system, paving the way for the useful insights that can increase energy efficiency and optimize operations.

Data Compliance Hub users can view the aggregate energy usage data of commercial, multifamily and industrial buildings and verify:

  • Total number of building tenants
  • Whole-building energy usage per month
  • Energy performance ratings via the Energy Star™ Portfolio Manager

Energy Star Portfolio Manager®

Getting an Energy Star building certification doesn’t need to be complicated. Calico Energy’s Data Compliance Hub can
automate the process for you, sending your building data to Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager®, making it easy to track energy and water use and get your building’s energy performance rating.

To learn more about how the Data Compliance Hub can solve for your building benchmarking needs, contact us today.

[1] U.S. Building Benchmarking Policy Landscape, Institute for Market Transformation, Updated 2/2017.



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