Introducing the New Calico Energy

In 2016, the Calico Energy team embarked on the exciting process of strategizing our position in the market and re-building our corporate brand. Our work led us to some important conversations and helped us reach a few key milestones. We examined our past, and decided where the future will take us. We built a new brand around a compelling mission statement. We hired people that can make that mission statement a reality and enriched our company culture.

The wins have far outweighed the misses, and we’re proud to introduce the new Calico Energy website, which is the direct result of years of hard work and lessons learned, strategic thinking and creative exercises.

In 2017 and beyond, we’ll introduce a new vision and mission to the industry, including our team, future employees and our intended customers and partners.

Mission: To unlock and organize the world’s energy-related data.

Vision: To empower smart decision making at the intersection of real estate and energy distribution and management.

We’ll focus our growth efforts around the best ways to unlock and organize energy-related data for our customers. As the world continues to digitize energy grids, and as new clean and renewable generation capabilities come online, our ability to unlock and organize energy-related data and leverage its derived actionable intelligence will lead to cost-effective energy distribution and management decisions.

We believe that smarter energy decisions will create a future where world economies are powered by clean and cheap energy. We’ll aim to enable this market transformation. In other words, our goal is not to be the end energy producer, distributor or consumer, but to be the trusted source of digital intelligence that bridges the gap between production, distribution and consumption of energy and its related goods and services.

We’re excited to get started, to unlock energy insights from clean, organized data, to build value for our customers, to form partnerships and nurture innovation, to change the way stakeholders, from utilities to commercial building owners, manage and measure energy data. 


Henry Lin, CEO