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The Energy Intelligence Suite

For Power Providers, effective energy management requires a complex mix of data from a variety of legacy and third party systems, with new systems and requirements emerging daily.

Our platform, Energy Intelligence Suite™, provides utilities with a single energy management console that unifies systems and creates powerful insights. EIS enables utilities to improve decision making, enable command and control, consolidate reporting & analytics, and execute a broad set of residential and commercial DSM programs. Calico’s commitment to industry standards and open architecture ensures ongoing support for new and evolving technologies. EIS provides a broad variety of solutions, including:

These modules enable utilities to identify opportunities to improve reliability, reduce costs, and defer infrastructure improvements.

Energy Intelligence through integrated systems and unified data.

EIS provides a unified set of energy services, including: rates and rate modeling, pricing services, Demand Response, analytics, device management, energy efficiency programs, and customer support.

EIS unifies, mines, and distills data from a broad variety of systems and devices to provide detailed visibility into energy usage – as well as the analytics, tools, and best practices customers need to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Designed with open architecture and a standard stack of modular, incrementally deployable components, our platform ensures you get what you need only when you need it. This design allows for a phased rollout to reduce deployment complexity and allow for methodical testing of solution impacts on existing functional and operational areas.

Powerful, Informative, and Easy to Use.
Our software is designed to be intuitive, interactive, and powerful for all classes of customer – from residential to large commercial & industrial.

Cost Effective.
Integrating EIS with existing mechanical and AMI meters, data streams, and applications is straightforward and cost-effective. Through our standardized EIS Data Exchange and API Services layer, power providers connect to existing infrastructure more rapidly and effectively — providing maximum system flexibility and capturing the value of existing assets and infrastructure.

Thanks to our SaaS-based software model, our customers simply pay a flat-rate monthly subscription fee for the modules they use – not expensive up-front software licenses. Any initial integration is typically completed in a short time for a modest time and materials fee.

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For additional information on our solutions, and a no-cost consultation, please contact usor call us at (425) 440-0201. We look forward to speaking with you!