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Customer Engagement

The challenge: Effective Customer Engagement
For most utilities, effectively engaging customers in energy programs like Demand Response is a daunting task. Customers can be slow to adopt new technologies and unwilling to pay for them without a clear benefit. In many cases, consumers are unreliable when responding to energy management events and require additional support. Business and commercial customers often lack the staff to manage energy, and are unsure about how to reduce energy usage without disrupting their business.

The solution: Calico’s Customer Web Presentment
Calico’s Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS) is the ideal solution for utilities of all kinds who wish to engage commercial and/or residential customers in energy programs. Accessible through virtually any browser, Calico’s web portals allow customers to analyze their energy usage, automate and maximize savings, and learn how to better conserve. Action-oriented buttons make it easy for customers to identify next steps, evaluate and participate in DSM and rate programs offered by the utility.

Awareness and Education. Both portals allow customers to quickly and easily understand their energy usage and costs, set savings targets, and receive alerts through a variety of devices and channels. Customers can enroll in DSM programs with one click, register new devices in minutes, and determine potential savings for available rates. In addition, they can participate in demand response events and schedule an automated response to price and other economic events. Utilities can provide in-depth education through the Energy University and Energy Tips tools, and allow customers to compare performance with other community members.

Automation. When coupled with control devices, both portals allow customers to control virtually any load – including appliances, pumps, large loads, lighting, smart plugs, HVAC, and EV charging stations – either automatically in response to price or other signals, or manually through the web portal.

Analysis. In addition to the functionality in HomeSMART™, BusinessSMART™ includes advanced analytics and functionality that help businesses reduce demand charges, review contract information, and manage location automation. BusinessSMART also includes baselining, energy performance, load profiling, and factor-based comparison tools.

Solution Components:
Calico’s Customer Engagement solution includes everything a utility needs to deploy a straightforward, turn-key Load Control Program. Core components include:

Calico’s solution enables utilities to engage both business and residential customers in energy management and rate programs. Core benefits include:

Flexibility & Interoperability.


Reliability. Achieve a predictable level of load reduction for each event with “set it and forget it” device automation tools and predictive analytics.

Customer Engagement Services
In addition to our Professional Services, we offer a series of services designed to help power providers engage customers: