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How We're Different

Unified Analytics, Unified Control
Calico’s platform is the first to perform the two critical functions of energy management in one unified solution:

While other companies can provide isolated elements of these solutions with individual applications, Calico is the only one who can do this in a unified environment through a modular approach. Our solution is also the only one which is both utility and customer-centric, providing impact for both the utility and its customers.

Execution Excellence
In addition to providing unified analytics and control, we take our role of trusted advisor seriously, prioritize customer requirements accordingly, and deliver every time. Our flexible approach enables us to align an extensive range of new and existing technology solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Dependable People 
Calico’s culture is rooted in the belief that we all must take leadership and achieve success through a consultative, common-sense approach. Our team brings expertise and experience from nearly a decade of Professional Services work inside utilities.