When evaluating an approach to curating data and providing benchmarking compliance support, utilities face a choice: define, design and implement a reporting solution to address requirements and meet timelines, or find a partner to support the project from start to finish, making processes seamless and automated. The first option comes with a few daunting unknowns: how much will it cost? How will it be maintained? Can it easily adapt to new legislation?

Put simply, utilities and building owner customers need a low-cost option for energy data provision and benchmarking compliance. Partnering with a vendor like Calico to deliver a solution checks some important boxes. Assurance of ongoing maintenance, technical expertise in curating data and automation of resource-consuming manual processes are all features you would look for, and they’re just a few of the things Calico Energy’s Benchmarking Application can deliver in a solution.

Our tool helps utilities respond to their customers’ data requests in one application, and gives building owners and employees a way to manage properties and energy usage data, paving the way for the useful insights that can increase energy efficiency and optimize operations.

Users can view the aggregate energy usage data of commercial, multifamily and industrial buildings and verify:

  • Total number of building tenants
  • Whole-building energy usage per month
  • Energy performance ratings via the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

Getting an ENERGY STAR building certification doesn’t need to be complicated. Calico Energy’s Benchmarking Application can automate the process for your customers, sending building data to ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager, making it easy to track energy and water use and get building’s energy performance ratings.

To learn more about how our solution can enhance your building benchmarking offerings and capabilities, contact us today.