Flexibility, Simplicity, Insight.

In a complex energy distribution and management ecosystem, utilities face an array of obstacles…some known, some new and quickly becoming relevant (and disruptive).

Siloed data and disconnected tools plague the space. When it comes to Demand Side Management (DSM) programs, program managers are often forced to operate in the dark, lacking the visibility needed to implement effective, successful processes. And as evolving legislation dictates energy data reporting in new ways and on divergent timelines, utilities are struggling to meet the varying demands of compliance, customers and third party partners.

The common denominator? Data. Through every stage of solution and service implementation, utility program design and execution, data analysis and more, Calico understands the technical realities and costs you face. But we also know about the mounting pressures of data management, organization and reporting.

Our products and services do more than just address the problems. They enable the simplicity of automation, flexibility of use and meaningful insights that create opportunities within your organization – right now, and in the future.


Calico Energy’s Data Compliance Hub for Utilities

Reduce CostsAmid a changing regulatory and technical landscape, utilities and their commercial customers need a low-cost option for their energy data and benchmarking compliance.

Calico Energy’s Data Compliance Hub for Utilities provides the tools program managers and utility customers need to access and aggregate energy and building data and maintain compliance, all in one, easy-to-use system.


Demand Side Management and Utility Program Design Services

To deploy and manage successful Demand Side Management (DSM) programs, utilities need solutions and services that reduce administrative headache and effectively deliver results, whether the goal is energy efficiency, curtailment or compliance.

Calico Energy’s Demand Side Management (DSM) program services do both, helping utilities meet operational targets, achieve business goals and comply with regulatory requirements.