Demand Side Management Services and Program Design

From smart meter programs to load reduction and curtailment processes, there are many Demand Side Management services options at play in the utility space today. With added layers of regulation and consumer protections, utilities and program managers have a lot of options regarding DSM activities but face obstacles in the details.

And the details are incredibly important. Technical program design and implementation are increasingly dependent on organizing and querying clean, aggregated data, something that Calico Energy knows a lot about.

Our depth of experience working within utilities to make these programs succeed is unmatched by competition. Not only does the Calico team understand utility systems and their intricacies, we know the industry and understand what it takes to help you meet your operational goals while maintaining compliance across diverse sets of requirements and regulations.

Whether your organization needs support designing, implementing or managing a program smoothly, we can help with all the above. Let’s talk about how Calico can enhance your Demand Side efforts.

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